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Your Bottom Line

A well trained workforce provides your company with a sustained competitive advantage. The ability to change strategy and fast track bringing workers up to speed on new projects will allow your company to stay ahead of the competition. Training and education is a means to achieve results. A solution can be designed that will bring many dividends to your bottom line.

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Training and Compliance

Training and compliance can transform your company into a learning environment. Moving your training online can save time and money and make employees responsible for their own development. Electronic compliance can streamline legal requirements. Modalities include Video production, Mobile and Cloud Learning, eBooks, Apps, Software Simulations, Podcasting,Social Media, Collaborative Learning, and more.

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Do you have materials that your employees need to be able to access anytime/anywhere? Publishing your materials into eBooks accessible from a wide variety of devices can save money and allows you to update the content instantly. Your team can carry all manuals and catalogs with them, with only a pound of weight. Content can be protected via digital rights management.

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Do you need apps built for the iPhone, iPad, or Android devices? Apps can make your workforce more productive and enhance your customer relations and purchasing. Apps can be designed to interact with your back-end computers to facilitate on the spot inventory, Customer Relations Management, Supply Chain Management,and more.

Mobile Learning


The new buzzword is mLearning. Mobile learning allows your workers to access data on an as needed basis when and whereever they may be. Cloud learning allows for instant access by your workforce using any portable device. Training can take place while commuting; or manuals or videos can be used onsite by remote employees.

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Simulations and Games

Simulations allow employees to learn and practice new skills. Software simulations are common but nearly any task can be simulated including phone calls, repairs, and more. Games are often used to make learning fun and engaging. Using games, workers can learn principals of competition and other business strategies.

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About Us

eMEDIAte Learning Solutions is your one stop shop for customized learning and training solutions. Your content and goals will be used to develop a unique solution that will have your workforce competent, which will improve your bottom line. For a quote or to discuss your learning and training needs just phone, Fax, or email.

Why You Should Choose eMEDIAte Learning Solutions




Learning products will be on time and on budget.

Whether it is a large scale implementation or a small addition to your current training program, the results you seek will be accomplished.

Experience in learning, training, and compliance allows confidently transforming your specifications and expectations into results that will be quickly assimilated by your workforce.

The design process includes extensive analysis (needs assessment, task analysis), designing teaching strategies and choosing the instructional media, development of the course, pilot implementation, evaluation, and final roll out.

Why move your training to an electronic format? Today's multicultural worldwide workforce requires flexible technological solutions. Many businesses find that it helps their bottom line. Using eLearning often saves training costs. Accountability and compliance are easily measured by completion rates and tracking results via quizzes. Just in time learning allows your workforce to perform non-routine tasks with added efficiency.




A successful training program is measured by your bottom line. Staying agile and ahead of the competition results from a well trained workforce that can adapt in a timely manner and make use of tools and knowledge to enhance your company's cometitive advantage.

Designing eLearning is more than just porting current content to an electronic format. The art of Instructional Design is based on developing learning solutions that are effective, stress-free and enjoyable. Repackaging and developing content is based on your expectations, workforce, and delivery modes.

Employing many learning philosophies including scenario based learning, blended learning, collaborative learning, informal learning, training simulations, and games allow a perfect fit for your topic and employees.

Deliverables include online and CD/DVD modules, ebooks, podcasts and video-podcasts, use of social media, instructional videos and software simulations, applications for mobile devices, cloud learning, and SCORM / LMS integration.



Stephen Casmar, PhD


Stephen has been consulting, teaching, and working in the field of Educational Technology for the last 25 years. He holds a PhD in Education from Washington State University, a Master's Degree in Instructional Design from San Diego State University, and a second Master's Degree in Information Resources Management from Syracuse University. He has extensive experience in the field of human-computer interaction, skillfully combining the latest evidence-based theories

of brain-centered and cognitive learning with the most up to date technologies resulting in a unique synergy that allows for fast and efficient learning and skills development.

Dr. Casmar has extensive overseas experience, having spent 9 years working in Japan and 3 years in India. Cultural sensitivity and experience working with a diverse clientele have given Stephen expertise in a global workforce. Training materials can be customized for your off-shore workers or H1B visa holders working at your US locations.

Stephen has taught Educational Technology for The American School in Japan in Tokyo, The American Embassy School in New Delhi, India, and National University and has worked as an Instructional Technology Consultant at Washington State and San Diego State Universities.


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eMEDIAte Learning Solutions is an Instructional Design Firm specializing in eLearning and software development, carefully offering you the most efficient method for training and performance support. In partnership with your company your content will come alive and improve the efficiency and skills of your workforce.


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