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eBooks and Tablets

eReaders and Tablets have become ubiquitous in schools and universities. They are accepted by the mainstream. Now many companies are using them to capitalize on many aspects of their business. eBooks can be used to grow and manage your business and increase sales. eBooks are customizable and can be accessed on all sorts of devices such as iPads, iPhones, iPods, Kindle, Nook, Sony eReader, and Android tablets and phones. This allows anytime and anywhere use of training manuals, company literature, and catalogs. eBooks from training can be designed using active learning, scenario-based, or informal learning.



Why use eBooks

eBooks that are designed for specific platforms such as the iPad, can include hot buttons which take the learners to additional content. These may include rich media such as videos. Tips for the learner can be included as well. Even quizzes can be added to the eBooks, allowing students to quiz themselves about what they've learned.


eBooks also allow your workforce to have any literature they may need with only a pound of weight. Save the time and expense of printing your manuals and update them instantly when things change. They can even download additional literature they may need in the field or print it our for clients. It makes your entire library of literature truly portable.


Do you have confidential materials you wish to distribute but you need to control who has access to them? Digital Rights Management (DRM) can be included in your eBooks to lock content. With DRM you can allow access but limit copying, printing or sharing of content.

Depending on your workers and content to be learned, you can offer customers not only a way to order your products but valuable information as well. Develop trust in the online world by offering customers what they want - information, so they will feel comfortable buying your products. Product information can fill gaps and close sales for your business. eBooks can also be given away as a way to build interest in your product and entice future customers to subscribe to your newsletter, and become familiar with your business' name.